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Gingivoplasty in Cosmetic Dentistry

We refer to a gingival smile when the patient shows more gum than teeth, that is, the gum predominates more than the teeth. In these cases there is a surgical solution which allows us to reshape the gum so that it shows less when talking or smiling. This procedure is called Gingivoplasty or Gum Contouring or Gum Outline Surgery.

What is a Gingivoplasty?

Gingivoplasty consists in the excision and elimination of gingival tissue to modify its contour when it has lost its physiological form. In this way we can give the image of longer teeth when smiling and a more standardized gumline and better dental symmetry.  For gingival cutting our periodontist will use an electric scalpel for a precise, painless treatment.

Is a Gingivoplasty painful?

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so the treatment is painless. During the post-operative period, there may be discomfort, so the specialist will prescribe analgesics.

In what cases is a Gingivoplasty recommended?

  • Patients with irregular gums

  • Patients with very short teeth

  • Patients with gingival hyperplasia

  • Patients with gingival smile

What are the after-care procedures for a Gingivoplasty?
  • Liquid and cold food during the first day (yogurt, ice cream, gelatin)
  • No smoking or alcohol
  • Avoid hot foods and citrus fruitsvitar alimentos calientes y cítricos
  • Keep good oral hygiene, but avoid brushing in the surgical area
  • Follow instructions given by the surgeon
How long does a Gingivoplasty surgery last?

The surgery can be performed in a single visit.

Gingivoplasty Smiles Peru

Gingivoplasty at Smiles Peru

May 1, 2019 Blog, Porcelain Veneers
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