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Dental Consultation at Smiles Peru

Initial consultation at Smiles Peru

On your first visit to Smiles Peru you will be fully evaluated by a specialist through various diagnostic tests in order to present a precise and effective treatment plan.

Our diagnostic tests consist of:

– Digital Clinical History: a medical-legal document in which we register the data, medical history, and patient’s health condition, as well as the reason/s for the consultation and expectations for the treatment.

– Oral clinical examination: the specialist performs the oral clinical evaluation of the patient and registers it in the clinical history.

– Radiographic images: a panoramic x-ray is taken in the first consultation which captures the maxilla and all teeth in one shot in order to complement the diagnosis.

– 3D images: computerized tomography allows us to adequately assess maxillary bone with a three-dimensional image with detail and precision; used primarily for dental implant planning.

– Photographs: We take a series of extraoral and intraoral photographs to register the initial state of the patient’s mouth and smile.

– Explanation: After the diagnostic assessment, the specialist explains the proposed treatment plan and works together with the patient to meet the patient’s goals.

Smiles Peru Radiografia por Consulta Dental

The consultation at Smiles Peru includes a digital panoramic x-ray

Multidisciplinary teamwork

Smiles Peru has specialists all all areas of dentistry, which work as a team to study each case from start to finish with attention to detail.

What is the price of the 1st consultation?

The initial dental consultation at Smiles Peru costs 220 Peruvian soles (about $65 USD).

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About Smiles Peru

Smiles Peru’s interdisciplinary team collaborates to perform complex rehabilitation cases involving multiple specialties in minimum time using the latest technology, techniques and procedures, including CEREC digitally-designed and manufactured crowns and veneers.